Everything wood can do, Hemp does better

HempWood is made from hemp and is the wood substitute. HempWood possesses the same characteristics but is much more environmentally sustainable.

CO2 Negative

Biobased materials made from organic resources grown on agricultural land emit minimal CO2 and are even carbon-negative as the plants absorb CO2.


Sustainability is a collective effort and encompasses developments that meet our needs without harming future generations. 'We pass on the Earth' is the underlying concept.


Volatile organic compounds are present in many products we use. HempWood uses a soy-based adhesive to reduce VOC levels.

Stronger than wood

HempWood has a Janka hardness of 2,200, which is 20% stronger than oak wood. It is even the strongest fiber in nature.

HempWood® is in

More and more people and companies are embracing the many possibilities of HempWood, the beautiful material made from hemp. This material is of high quality and affordable, without compromising sustainability. The growing popularity of HempWood is also creating a new awareness among consumers, namely that it is possible to consume in a healthier way.

By cultivating and processing hemp organically, without the use of pesticides and insecticides, farmers contribute to a sustainable production of raw materials for construction, furniture industry, and other sectors. This leads to more local products and a healthier end product without chemical additives. HempWood directly sources hemp from local farmers and processes it in the immediate vicinity, using binders based on controlled soy. The product is certified and 96% biobased, which we are proud of.

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HempWood Products

How is HempWood made?

  • Hemp grows from seed to a mature crop ready for production in 150 days. It can be cultivated almost without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides.
  • After harvest, it goes to the factory where, according to a patented production process, the fibers are separated in length.
  • The fibers are then placed in a bath with an organic adhesive based on soy. Afterward, the fibers are dried, placed in a mold, and pressed.
  • Next, they are heated to 130 degrees, causing the adhesive to become liquid and penetrate the entire product.
  • They are then allowed to cool, removed from the molds, and cut and packaged to size.

    Did you know that there is absolutely no waste in the production process? Whatever falls off, we gather together and it still enters the production chain. Isn’t that great?