About HempWood Netherlands

Origin HempWood Netherlands

During a project for innovative and sustainable construction in 2015 for Agri meets Design, I found an article on the internet discussing the possibility of using hemp as a wood substitute with the same properties as wood. This was my first encounter with a new sustainable material that could be made from hemp.

In 2021, during the construction of a recreational home with a renewed focus on sustainable building materials, I came across a manufacturer who had started producing HempWood since 2019.

HempWood Netherlands will focus on all sectors in the business world where HempWood can play a significant role. In the construction of homes, interior and styling companies, and the furniture industry, to introduce the product HempWood and its many applications.

  • We can contribute to projects where sustainability is a priority.
  • Where HempWood can play a prominent role as an innovative product.

"Anything wood can do, Hemp can do better"

Founder HempWood Netherlands

Yuri Koster

Yuri is a professional designer and familiar with the manufacturing industry, materials, and processes required to create a product or model. For me, HempWood is a new material with the same applications that are commonly used when working with all kinds of wood. The difference is that HempWood is more sustainable and environmentally responsible, making it a preferable choice.